Alpha 5 of WriteArea

These days I've kept on working on WriteArea and today I've uploaded the fifth alpha version. This version is quite better with regards to the detection of other Rich Editors and finally removes a little code that I added for their detection but I knew that shouldn't be included in a final version.

Most important: this version includes an option in the preferences to open the editor in a bottom pane of the page. I've borrowed the close button from the AdBlock Plus skin and I will try to confirm that this is OK before releasing the final version.

There's a little problem with this bottom pane: it isn't aware of tabs, so when you switch tabs it remains there and it's a little annoying, because if you close the pane you might lose all the content. I'll try to find a solution to this problem, although I'm getting already a little tired of so much work in this extension for the last few days.


vwinstead said...
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Alfonso said...

How is that question related to the alpha of Write Area?

vwinstead said...
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Alfonso said...

If there's a post really related to that question you could place it there, but if it's just a general question about CKEditor is better to ask about it in the CKEditor forums

marian said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Alfonso, I just tried out the writearea addons and seems to work great with the Foswiki TinyMCE integrated editor.
One thing I'd like to ask was if it is possible to to customize some keywords/tags to match the Foswiki syntax.
For example in foswiki the tag is used to insert code or more general monospace text.

Thanks for your extension! It's the best among the ones listed in the mozilla addons page! ;)

Hasta luego, Evan

Alfonso said...

Hi Evan.

I'm glad that you like it. Remember to vote it up in the addons page to make other people aware of it.

It seems that the filter at blogger cleaned up your code, so I don't know what's the tag that you want. Remember that there are several special tags available in the "styles" combo. In order to change that you would need to alter the source of the extension. Maybe in the future I'll provide an option to customize those styles, but I think that I will convert the extension to CKEditor first to be sure to run the most updated code.

Unknown said...

Estimado Alonso:

¿Hay forma de poder cambiar el tamaño de la REPRESENTACIÓN del texto (no fijar el tamaño de la fuente) para que se pueda leer más cómodo?

¡Felicidades por tu 'addom'!

Dear Alonso:

It's there a way to increase the size of the text showed into the widget (when editing)? (not the font size). I must close my eyes to the screeen to edit...

Alfonso said...

What do you think that it would be better, to allow to modify the default css for the contents, or to add an option like the Zoom plugin that I explained in a previous post?

Unknown said...

Dear Alfonso:

The problem I have is that, when I try to edit a texarea, the text showed into the write area window is very small (may be 8 pt or less) and it seems that there are no way to increase the size of the text when editing.

I don't wanted to change, for example, the font size of a '< p >' from 'default' to 'xx-large' but try to read this in the editior's window better. No try to change the font size of the resulting edited text.

If the 'zoom functionallity' that you are going to tell me means this, perfect!

Alfonso said...

Both options would allow you to change the display of the text.

The comment about 8pt makes me think that you are trying to use it with some other editor: in that case it tries to reuse the same css than the original editor, and using it with a textarea (like this one) uses a font that it's 12px.

So if you are using it with another editor, allowing to change the default stylesheet won't help you because it isn't used in that case, the only option would be to provide the zoom option.

With the stylesheet it's possible to adjust the display of all the content of the editor, but as I said, it's only applied for content coming from textareas.

When I release the new version I'll try to add the zoom option.

Wladimir Palant said...

And Adblock Plus borrowed that close button from the Firefox findbar ;)