Updated swfobject plugin

IE, what to say about it. The browser you love to hate.

If you want the SWFObject to run in it you'll need to get the updated plugin, hopefully there are no more bad surprises hidden there.


Goodbye embed, Hello SWFObject

When I first released the GoogleMaps plugin, I did mention that it included some code that could make "easy" the task to integrate things like SWFObject in FCKeditor, and it was just a matter of someone willing to code it or sponsor such development.

Recently I've been asked to carry that task for InControl Solutions, I've included also some extra code to allow editing of Flashvars and everything is available in the demo for the new swfobject plugin for FCKeditor.

What could be improved?

  • The ability to edit the alternative content
  • Using the static publishing method
  • Development of additional plugins for specific Flash usage based on this one (I mean, reusing most of the code)

But for the moment I don't have plans to do any of those tasks, so just check that it works for you and use it.



Maps plugin with a nice preview

As I mentioned in my last entry, the recent update to the Google Maps static API menas that finally it was time to release the new version. As you can see in the version log the feature to use a preview inside the editor was added some months ago, but it only worked for hybrid maps, it was slightly confusing, so in order to avoid wasting the time replying over and over again (yes, there is people that doesn't read the docs and even ask how to install this plugin) I decided to not release it except for the people that had cooperated in its development.

There's still a difference between the final map and the preview: the static api doesn't allow to use encoded (compressed) paths, so until they fix this issue the path won't be shown. Yes, I could get the points and generate the path, but I think that it's more work that it is worth, after all this is just a preview inside the editor

Check it in the demo and upgrade your version, it's a drop in replacement.


The static GoogleMaps now allow to use all the map types

We have been waiting for it since it was launched, and now finally they have allowed to use all the map types with the static API.

I guess that means that I finally should release a new version of the GoogleMaps plugin :-)