Goodbye embed, Hello SWFObject

When I first released the GoogleMaps plugin, I did mention that it included some code that could make "easy" the task to integrate things like SWFObject in FCKeditor, and it was just a matter of someone willing to code it or sponsor such development.

Recently I've been asked to carry that task for InControl Solutions, I've included also some extra code to allow editing of Flashvars and everything is available in the demo for the new swfobject plugin for FCKeditor.

What could be improved?

  • The ability to edit the alternative content
  • Using the static publishing method
  • Development of additional plugins for specific Flash usage based on this one (I mean, reusing most of the code)

But for the moment I don't have plans to do any of those tasks, so just check that it works for you and use it.



Anonymous said...

Hello Alfonso,

Seems to be "The plugin" for FcKeditor i was searching, great work.
Unfortunatly the zip can't be downloaded.
"The requested URL /swfobject/swfobject1.2.zip was not found on this server."

Any fix ?


Alfonso said...

ops, fixed.

Anonymous said...

Great !!!
Thank you