GoogleMaps 1.98

This release fixes a little problem using the GoogleMaps_PublicKey setting and adds Chinese and Norwegian translation.

Of course, no new work is expected in the 1.x versions.



I wanted to post something about several releases of different products, but I didn't have the time until now.

Let's start from oldest to the most recent.

CKFinder 1.3

This release fixes all the problems (at least for asp) known in previous versions, it's the work of several months trying to debug each and every report from the users.

Adding over that, it also includes some enhancements like ability to select the thumbnails themselves and remember the last selected folder.

ImageMap 2.1

I still need some time to update the demo page (and zip) in my server. This is update is just the job of Adam, and the parts related to the FCKeditor plugin are the ability to use Zoom and general bug-fixes and memory leaks. I'll try to really test it asap but I'm a little busy :-(

Internet Explorer 8 RC1

It seems that this release can be really tested, they have fixed lots of bug (included the two that I reported related to FCKeditor), improved performance, and I guess that we all really should test it to avoid finding two months after release that we didn't test it and it did include some regression that makes us suffer again. I don't expect any other releases shortly, just like IE7 I guess that we will have to wait a lot for something new, so this is the time for us to test it and check that it's really getting closer to the rest of the browsers. Let's hope that hopefully IE8 along the release of Windows 7 (I guess that it will be released much sooner than most of the people expects it) makes IE6 fade away.

FCKeditor 2.64

This is one of the last releases of the 2.x series of FCKeditor. It includes lots of bug fixes, I would had included even more little fixes but time is finite and it isn't possible to do everything that one would like to. This release isn't just bug fixes, it also includes support for table headers and a zero-configuration online spellchecker. If you are using any 2.6x version it's a no-brainer to update, your users will be pleased if they ever faced any of the bugs and you shouldn't have any problem to use it.

Let's remember also, that the 3.x versions are called CKEditor and you can start taking a look at it right now with the first beta that has been released, the online demo of the nightlies is available here. Almost everything is being rewritten, it isn't an easy task but the results so far are looking great.