Image Mapping plugin for CKEditor

Long time ago I cooperated with Adam Maschek to finish and polish the plugin of his imgmap library for FCKeditor.

Time passed by and people only bothered to request help with private mails instead of saying "Thanks" and even a little donation if the plugin was helpful.

So things go on that way and then I ported it to work for CKEditor when I needed it, but I decided to not publish it again as open source, supporting those request again was something that I didn't want to do.

Sometimes people contacted me asking for the plugin and those that behaved properly and also were willing to pay a little got the plugin. In order to make this step easier for anyone else, I'm publishing now a demo page to test the plugin, and a paypal button.

As you can see in the demo, the dialog is similar to the FCKeditor plugin, but I didn't want to fully match the previous one, so I've added only the features that made sense to me.

Price and availability

You can buy a license of the plugin at its new page.