Uploading files to CKEditor the easy way

It's been some time since I published an improved version of the original ImagePaste plugin for Firefox. In that version I included the option to upload files by drag&drop from the desktop and that feature was supported by the latest versions of all the browsers.

Since then I've been polishing the plugin, adding little details, fixing whatever bugs appear and recently I've added a major new feature that I had in my head for a very long time but I never took the time to write it.

Finally I thought that enough is enough and that it's better to get that idea out of my mind and so we have now version 3 of the ImagePaste plugin, with two toolbar buttons to upload files or images without any extra dialog, just a click on the button, select the file and it's uploaded and inserted into the content.

Features of the plugin

In all the browsers you can upload a file or an image by clicking the addFile or addImage buttons. All the browsers means that even IE8 is supported for this option and it's just the simplest way for everyone to add files without having to deal with all the options in the default image or link dialogs.

If you use a modern browser (current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, as well as IE 10) you will be able to upload an image or file just by dropping it into the editor.

With Chrome and Firefox, you can copy an image or part of it to your clipboard in a program like Photoshop, Paint.Net, etc... and then paste it into the contents with Ctrl+V.

With Firefox, you can select a file in your desktop, copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and then paste it into the editor with Ctrl+V.


There is a demo with CKEditor 3 and there's another demo with just the same plugin but using CKEditor 4, including some zones in "inline editing"

Getting the plugin

All the details are available in its new home.


I'm testing now selling the plugin through FetchApp to avoid any delays between the moment that you pay the money and when you get the file, so I would like to know if you have any problems in order to change the seller to another one.

Of course, verify that the mail account that you use is correctly configured, In theory you should get the file right after the payment, but it's better if you receive any mail correctly because I'll use that for future updates (all updates are included as you can see)