Fixing bugs for Write Area

Finally I've started fixing the most annoying bug in Write Area, the lack of tooltips, and thanks to this post by Zoolcar9 I've been able to fix the problem by using  a xul file that embeds the html page instead of showing it directly.

It has lead to other code changes so now I have to review that everything keeps working.

Meanwhile I've added a save/load pair of buttons, so you can save your drafts on your computer. I've to review here that the encoding of the files is done properly as the docs state that it isn't utf safe by default.

For the moment it's saving just the content of the <body>, but I guess that I'll create some full html files just in case anyone wants to doubleclick them.

(for the new icons I've picked the load/save file in the Crystal pack by Emeraldo, but if anyone else has a good suggestion just drop a note here)


Write Area 0.7.5 available as experimental download

I've uploaded the xpi with the new version of Write Area. Until it's approved you need to go to the "all versions" page in order to see it, by default the AMO it's showing only the 0.7 version even if it's incompatible with the 3.1 betas due to the previoulsy mentioned bug 469203.

At the same time I upgraded the FCKeditor core, so now it includes all the new features and fixes since the 2.6.1 SVN that I grabbed months ago. That means this list for the officially released versions and this list for the current changes in SVN since 2.6.3

I'll leave a few days and if no one reports any special problem I'll request the approval to make it the official version.


The magic line

Thanks to Robert O'Callahan for providing an easy workaround, now I can start testing WriteArea in Firefox 3.1. All that was needed was a background-color:#FFF for the <html> and now it's working again :-)

Of course, using FCKeditor 2.6.1 is boring, so I've updated to the current SVN, and now some of the modifications aren't even needed anymore because the problem has been fixed directly in the FCKeditor main line. Anyway, working with SVN makes very easy the upgrade process and I had a script ready so it takes care of the packaging and removal of unnecessary files in order to re-package it as an extension for Firefox.

So very soon a new version will be ready, just some testing that nothing is too broken and I'll release it.


PD: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2a1pre) Gecko/20081211 Minefield/3.2a1pre