Deprecation plan of IE8 in SimpleUploads

Die IE8, Die.

Planned deprecation of support for IE8 in SimpleUploads

We're already in 2016, Microsoft has stated that old versions of IE are no longer supported, and since some time ago Windows XP is not supported either.

IE8 is too bad according to any current standard, too limited and lacks too many features, it has bad security track, it's time to put it to rest and everyone of us has to work towards that goal and obviously one thing that we can do is to claim that those old versions aren't supported in our products, so people can realize that they have to change their browser to another one that has all those missing features.

So by the end of February I'll publish a new version of SimpleUploads just to remove the little parts that tried to add some kind of support for IE8.

I'll remove right now any claim in its description about support for IE8 and I'll update shortly the demo with the new version without support for any browser that lacks the FormData feature.

If you have any concern about this change, please comment here or send me an email, but remember that you can keep using your current version as long as you want if you prefer to support IE8 instead of embracing the future.