WriteArea 0.6 now with Spellchecker

I've uploaded to the Sandbox the version 0.6 of Write Area. This version (besides the bump to support FF3b4) does add the ability to use the spellchecker from inside the editor.

Thanks to the chrome privileges it's possible to access directly to the internal data about the spellcheck and that way I can add it to the context menu, just as easy as in any other textarea, there's no need to choose between the FCKeditor context menus to manipulate the content or the Firefox default menus to use the spellcheck.

I'm gonna leave it a few days and if everything is fine then I'll review a few details and then I'll ask to make the extension public, so I would ask that anyone that it's reading this, please, go to the Firefox extensions site, if you don't have an account, then apply for one, it takes no time at all, when you are registered then login and install the Write Area extension.

Now go to a site where you can use HTML in a textarea, (for example this Blogger site, Slashdot or any other of the thousands of sites available), open the context menu and select "Edit with Write Area", and you'll see the editor. Play with it, give it a go and when you are done, then go back to the Write Area page and write a review (if it's nice I'll be happier, but any review is good as long as it's done with good will)

Enjoy it.

CKFinder 1.2, now in your own language

Yesterday was released the new version of CKFinder, with one of the most important changes for 1.2 being the ability to show the interface in the language of each user.

Besides some fixes and improvements, another important addition is the ability to filter files and folders on the server, so by default all .* files are hidden, and it's possible to customize the filters so that it matches your needs.

With regards to the localization, in 1.2 there are four languages included (besides English): German, Italian, Polish and Spanish, but if you need to add another language you just have to follow the localization guide for CKFinder.

Of course, if you create any such translation the recommended procedure is to send it back so it can be added for the rest of the people and you don't have to worry about how to update it with any new version.

I hope that all of you enjoy this version.