Write Area 1.1 discussion

Seems that some people don't like the new integrated mode of Write Area, so I would like to know better what's the problem and what can be done to keep everything simple and useful for as most people as possible.
First, I've added a survey at the side pane. Of course, remember that we are talking just about the textarea replacement; if you're using it to replace an existing HTML editor then this survey isn't for you because there's no integrated mode in that situation. In the survey you should be able to check more than one option if you think that you would use more than one mode if all there were available.
So far the complains have been about the removal of the option to edit in a popup dialog, I didn't read anyone complaining about the removal of the bottom pane and at least that's a good thing. Can we all agree that the bottom pane isn't needed?
Then the dialog thing. Why are you having problems with the new mode and need the dialog back?
Please, write a comment here explaining (in a civilized way) why the integration mode doesn't work for you. I've got one comment about problems in tumblr.com, I'll try to check that tomorrow, although I'm not sure if I'll have enough time as I had planned other things to do.
But if you provide a list of things that don't work as expected then I can try to look at them and then fix them one by one or bring back the dialog if they can't be fixed in integrated mode.
Now it's your turn if you want a change in this extension.