Updated demo for SimpleUploads

I've uploaded right now an updated demo to show the latest features of SimpleUploads and its compatibility with CKEditor 4.5

This post is part of the release as it aims to document the latests additions introduced since the last post about it (full details are in the history.html file).
  • Removed support for CKEditor 3.6. It's not a lot of code, but currently there's no reason at all to keep using a version so old and I doubt that there is anyone interested, so less code and less things to test.
  • Workaround for the CKEditor 4.5.2 change that  prevents dropping files on a dialog
  • Added ability to handle both the classic response from the upload of the new JSON format
  • Cleaned up and unified coding style with EsLint
  • Improved API and integration with other plugins like ImageCrop.
  • If the Upload Image button is used, launch a file picker showing only the images on your computer
  • Other minor adjustments and fixing of all the reported issues.
I'll finish all the testing and then I'll send the new version to all the clients and then I'll move on to add a feature that has been on my mind for too long

I also have to review and publish the full documentation about all the configuration options, public methods and events related to the plugin (instead of keep adding it in the plugin.js file or several pages and blog posts) (this will mean probably that I'll add more changes because I'll find some detail that I don't like)

PS: The current release of MS Edge doesn't support dropping files, but that's a missing feature in the browser, the next version currently available as beta already fixes this issue. You don't have to do anything on your side when it's finally released.