Fixing bugs for Write Area

Finally I've started fixing the most annoying bug in Write Area, the lack of tooltips, and thanks to this post by Zoolcar9 I've been able to fix the problem by using  a xul file that embeds the html page instead of showing it directly.

It has lead to other code changes so now I have to review that everything keeps working.

Meanwhile I've added a save/load pair of buttons, so you can save your drafts on your computer. I've to review here that the encoding of the files is done properly as the docs state that it isn't utf safe by default.

For the moment it's saving just the content of the <body>, but I guess that I'll create some full html files just in case anyone wants to doubleclick them.

(for the new icons I've picked the load/save file in the Crystal pack by Emeraldo, but if anyone else has a good suggestion just drop a note here)


Anonymous said...


Great app use it all the time with our internal apps and sharepoint.

I do have a new problem. Who would I contact for a technical issue? Please reply to this comment.


Alfonso said...

You can mail me at amla70, at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the updated WriteArea.

Is there any way to add an option to toggle generating HTML tags with square brackets (i.e. []) for sites like forums.mozillazine.org, which does not support angular, "<>", style brackets?

Other than that, seems to be working great.


Alfonso said...

I would like to support BBCode at some point in the future, but the fact is that there are too many things that I would like to support.

Anonymous said...

..."but the fact is that there are too many things that I would like to support."


Noted. Thanks.

Randhir Vieira said...

Does this work in mediawiki? It is an awesome extension!

Alfonso said...

I'm not sure about generating the wiki-syntax. The project to integrate FCKeditor in MediaWiki seems to require some adjustments in the server code. There are many wiki-extensions, so maybe it isn't possible. But if you create a plugin for FCKeditor that is able to handle all the translation between wikicode and html then it will be very easy to add it into the extension. (same applies for bbcode, there's a prototype of such plugin in the default FCKeditor zip, but it doesn't handle properly every tag)

Kevin Ashton said...

Dude just wanted to say thanks for the great ad-on. I've been using it and it's exactly what I needed! Thanks!