Mixing SimpleUploads with other drag&drop scripts

In the SimpleUploads plugin, one of the features is to provide a way for the users to add files to their content by simply dragging them from their desktop. Of course, there might be more than one editor on the page and so the files are accepted only when they are dropped on an editor.

But there's a little problem: if the user drops the file outside the editor they may lose their current content because that image is loaded instead (yes, you can use autosave and also prompt them with onBeforeUnload), so in order to prevent data loss or the delay and surprise about having to go back and restore last saved draft, I implemented a little check that rejects any file that it's dropped outside the editor.

So does this fix all the problems?
Not of course!
If you want to provide support to drag&drop in other part of the page, I'm preventing that script to work but the solution is simple:

In the configuration of your CKEditor, add this extra setting:
simpleuploads_allowDropOutside = true;

That's all. If the that setting exists I won't touch anything outside the editor and you can keep working as usual.

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