New Enterprise license for the CKEditor plugins

So far I've been distributing my commercial CKEditor plugins (SimpleUploads, GoogleMaps and ImageMaps) under two license options:

  • Single Site license
  • OEM license

Their scope was simple: Single site is the correct one when you want to use a plugin in just one domain, OEM license is aimed at companies that create websites and instead of paying a license for each domain, you can get this license to use it in every domain with a single payment.

There are other kind of companies: those that sell their product, and the OEM license is not the right one for them because they don't create any site, so I'm introducing a new license to fit that situation.

The new Enterprise license allows to integrate the plugin with their version of CKEditor and sell it integrated into their product. There's no limit on the number of users and licenses that you sell of your product.

The price for this license is 120 €, and I'll be adding the payment links for all the plugins as soon as I have time.


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