Demo videos for the Google Maps plugin for CKEditor

I've realize that I haven't announced it here, but about a month ago I spent some time creating two videos showing most of the features available in the Google Maps plugin for CKEditor.

The idea behind the plugin is that although being able to play with the demo page and test the features by yourself, sometimes you might not be aware of all the available options, and despite my horrible pronunciation (I beg you pardon) i decided that it would be good to provide a video explaining the features available in the plugin.

Of course, creating such thorough explanation means that I found little issues, I used different browsers to test the features and record the video so in the end besides the videos I released a new version of the plugin with some improvements (and testing the dialogs was when I felt the need to improve the uploads in the CKEditor dialogs, it was a pity that some features like adding a KML file or a new icon couldn't been done by drag & drop from my computer)

The first video is available here:  Introduction to Google Maps plugin for CKEditor

It explain the main features of the two first tabs of the dialog, and how the map is rendered in the final page. Most of the options are just what you expect and you can see any change in the preview map of the dialog.

Some of the features that I added thanks to recording this video was the ability to start with the StreetView of a location or with a rotated map.

The second video is this one: Drawing shapes on Google Maps with CKEditor.

In order to record this video I finished an option that I've had in the works for some time but I never had the time to test it, drawing circles.

The video starts showing how to place markers, change the icon of the marker, how a simple CKEditor is embedded in the dialog to allow editing the popup that shows when you click on a marker, or how to insert a simple option so that the visitor can get driving directions from his location to that place.

Then it shows the other drawing options, lines, polygons and circles, all can be controlled to adjust the color, width, opacity; so you get the map that you want.

Please, keep the closed captions on and the volume low, but watch the videos and if you have some question about them or you think that I can explain something else that I've missed, then drop me a note.

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