Updates for the GoogleMaps plugin

It seems that I haven't write here anything about the Google Maps plugin for a whole year, and so some people might think that this is a dead project but it's far from that! it's alive and under continuous little improvements.

A summary of the new features since 3.1 (one year ago):

  • 3.2:
    • It's possible to delete single points in lines and areas.
    • Enabled Traffic and Weather layers.
  • 3.2.x:
    • Option to use custom icons in the markers.
    • It's possible to edit lines and areas.
  • 3.3:
    • Button in the editor for markers to insert a "Destination" link.
  • 3.3.x
    • Compatibility with CKEditor 4.

Besides that list, there are other adjustments to improve performance, add new translations, and of course fixing all the reported bugs but that list is boring :-)

A quick review of those new features:

Editing of lines and areas

Version 3.1 finally brought back the option to create Lines and Areas but the options to edit them or remove some points wasn't possible at the moment. Fortunatelly after some time those features were available and I added them to the maps editor.

New Layers

Sometimes Google adds a new option in the map, the Traffic layer allows to show the state of the road traffic in the map and the Weather shows the the typical sun/clouds/storm... icons overlayed if the zoom isn't too close.


This as a common request: an option to set in the window of a marker a link that provides the driving directions to arrive to a place. Now there's an icon in the embedded editor that inserts such a link for the current marker and when clicked it will launch Google Maps with the requested data.

CKEditor 4

This is the latest "feature" that I've added. Although most of the code of v4 is backwards compatible with CKEditor 3.x there are some changes that required some debugging to find out a solution to understand the problem and also the excesive padding in the default skin for v4 means that the contents of many fields were not correctly displayed.

At the moment I think that everything is working correctly, but I still want to perform more tests before being confident that I've tested everything (and so far I'm already getting tired of the problems caused by the dialogs in v4).

Anyway, here's a new demo to test Google Maps in CKEditor 4.


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