Steps to shutdown windows

Using the current Windows 7 (previous versions is quite similar and everyone has learnt how to do it):

  1. Go to the Start or Windows button in the lower left corner.
  2. Click it
  3. Click the Shutdown button.
  4. Done!

Using the Windows 8 Release Preview

  1. Uh, there's nothing at the lower left corner?
  2. Anyway, move the mouse there, maybe there's a glitch in the graphics as everyone is used to know that there are strange bugs in Windows sometimes
  3. Clicking there doesn't do anything.
  4. Move to the really lower bottom corner
  5. A "Start" popup appers
  6. After hunting it a little you're finally able to click it
  7. Congratulations, you're now back to the "Windows Metro" screen.
  8. At least now you have an icon about your account on the top right
  9. Click it.
  10. In that dropdown select "Sign out"
  11. We're back to the start screen. Now we have the plug&screen icon. Click it.
  12. So now we can login again...
  13. But theres a Power icon at the bottom right
  14. Yeah, click it
  15. Now select "Shut down"
  16. Finally you got it!!!

Ok, there are some faster ways:

  1. Move your mouse to the bottom right corner
  2. Yes, I know that there's no hint that you should move your mouse there, but there isn't also any hint now about the bottom left corner.
  3. Some white icons appear above. Go to the last one, the one that looks like a gear.
  4. Now you see that it's titled Settings. Not promising, but please, click it.
  5. Now a pane shows up, there are two rows of icons below, and one of them is Power
  6. Click it
  7. Select Shut down
  8. You're done.

Using this method we have been able to halve the steps required to shutdown windows. Now you just have to print this short list and paste it at the right side of the monitor of anyone that has to use Windows 8.

That way Microsoft is saving some little pixels on the screen and you just have a little post it on your screen.


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