Hide dialog fields in CKEditor

Sometimes removing an element is not the right solution in a CKEditor dialog: the code might depend on it, or the layout will break too much if the elements are changed without taking care to adjust more things in the dialog, so the right choice at that point is to hide the element.

Of course, the CKEditor API allows such manipulations, but it's boring writing the same code "check if it's the dialog that we want, then get the tab, the field and hide it" ...

So I've added such option to the Configuration Helper plugin as version 1.2:


This entry uses the same sintax that the 'removeDialogFields' option. The difference is that some fields can't be removed easily as other parts of the dialog might not be ready and might try to always use it, generating a javascript error. In other cases the layout might be broken if the field is removed instead of hidden.
In those cases it's possible to hide the fields using this entry, and the preview in the image dialog is an example of such a field.


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