New beta for WriteArea with CKEditor 3.5.3

Following the release this week of CKEditor 3.5.3, I've updated the WriteArea extension for Firefox to this latest version to include all the bug fixes and enhacements that have been worked on since the last release (check the change log, it's quite a long list as it's usual for every CKEditor release)

In this version, the only patch applied to the core is the latest from this ticket that allows a new button that you can use to switch toolbar on the fly.

The size of the extension has grown again a little due to several languages that have been updated since the previous checks that I did and so I've restored as new they can be correctly used to localize your CKEditor and not have part of the texts in your language and the other half in English.

Direct download link: WriteArea 1.1beta4


Katryne said...

Hello ! Thank you for this great extension. Do you plan to makeit for other browser, Chrome or Safari ?

Alfonso said...

I have a test version for those browsers, but that's not a priority for me as I don't use them except for general testing and they are the buggiest browsers with regards to editing content.

After CKEditor 3.6 is released I might finish those extensions, but I have other things to do that are more interesting for me than an extension for Chrome or Safari.

Chris Lewis said...

Was wondering if there is a way to copy and paste url when adding a pic or flash. It will not let me, i have to type it in manually.

Alfonso said...

What's your version of Firefox and WriteArea? What's your OS?

I've tested right now and I don't notice any problem

Chris Lewis said...

I am using write area 1.0.0, Fire fox 4.0.1 and windows vista

Alfonso said...

You should test with the latest beta of WriteArea, it has an updated core so it might fix your problem

Nip said...

I have a problem using Write Area 1.0.1b4 with Firefox 4.0.1 (Windows XP SP2). The detail of my problem is described here at http://skexjujp.blogspot.com/2011/06/wysiwyg-editor-for-firefox-401-write.html.

Alfonso said...

I guess that your problem is that the extension was uploaded with maxVersion set to 4.0, so it's enabled for 4.0.1 (or 5.0) only after checking with the server at Mozilla that I've updated its compatibility.

You can try to edit the install.rdf in the .xpi (it's a renamed zip) and bump it according to the version that you are using (for the rest of the people it's done automatically when then contact the AMO server)

Z said...

There is a data loss issue with Writearea 1.1

Right-click a text area and choose "Edit in a Write Area". After typing in the embedded editor, if you click the "Remove CKEDitor" close button, all your typing is irrecoverably lost.

There appears to be no way to return to the original text area with your work intact, as with 1.0.x builds.


Alfonso said...

Is it really needed to go back to the original textarea?

I see now that when using the close button I should warn that all the changes will be lost, and maybe I can modify the Save button to remove the editor, but saving the changes to the textarea: this way I still don't alter any submit behavior of the page and the textarea is updated.

Anyway, this feedback is better placed on the post where I explained the new behavior: http://alfonsoml.blogspot.com/2011/08/upcoming-changes-for-write-area.html

Z said...

Just having a warning should be enough. No pressing need for to support switching back.

As for posting in this thread, that was by accident. :-)

Alfonso said...

Can you confirm that the new beta 10 works fine?

If it's OK I'll release it as the new stable 1.1

Z said...

Beta 10 works well, properly warning on possible data loss.

A question, though: does version 1.1 still autosave to anywhere in the background or would edits be lost on browser crash?

Alfonso said...

I don't remember the last time that I had a crash with Firefox.

If you're concerned you can save the contents to your computer; I'm not really sure if the auto-save of forms contents performed by Firefox might use the modified contents, but maybe the integration that I use with the textareas is enough to trick it.

Z said...

Just tested by starting Write Area and typing some content and not saving. I subsequently restarted Firefox.

Result: Total data loss.

Normally (without Write Area), Firefox will start with the content still in the text area.

So not good, but I guess it's user beware.