New releases at CKSource

Yesterday CKSource released the new versions of CKEditor and CKFinder. You can read the updates on each one in their blog posts, but I'm gonna give you my point of view about them.

CKEditor 3.3 is a progressive enhancement over the previous version, lots of bug fixes, some little new features, everything focused on trying to make your experience using CKEditor better than ever before. Of course we have tried to test and verify that everything is working correctly and no regressions have been introduced, but it's just impossible to test all the possible setups and ways that people use CKEditor, so if you find something that used to work in 3.2 or 3.2.1 and now fails, then go ahead to the CKEditor dev site, check for other reports and if you don't find anything create a new ticket explaining the problems and please, provide a test case so that we can reproduce the problem. If you just say "it fails", then we won't be able to fix it, if instead you provide a simple html file then it will be easier to find out what went wrong.

CKFinder on the other side is a complete rewrite of the client part, you'll find now that it follows the behavior of CKEditor, it includes lots of changes and this is just the beginning. With CKFinder 2 it's possible to write both client-side and server-side plugins to enhance your integration and provide new features. Check the provided samples and be sure that we will keep improving it, we just need time and good feedback about what you need. In order to report issues you can use the CKFinder forum

Trying to explain all the features available right now with just a few words isn't easy so I'm gonna stop talking and urge you to test the demos (CKEditor and CKFinder), I hope that you really like them.

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