Imgmap plugin update

Adam has been working on the imgmap code, and recently has released a new version to improve compatibility as well as fix some issues.

So finally I've upgraded the demo and the download link. If I ever forget again, just remember that the imgmap project is hosted at Google code.

I'll try to review these days all the mails that I have in the queue.


Now the CKEditor version of this imagemap plugin is available.


Марат said...

What's about imagemap plugin for CKeditor?

Alfonso said...

I'm trying to update some code little by little, but I have lots of pending things, so some plugins will be updated a little later.

J-G said...


Many thanks to Adam & you for the imgmap plug-in to FCKEditor, I love it!

Safari gives the following error: 'unknown toolbar item "imgmapPopup"' when trying to display the imgmapPopup icon. However, it works fine in Firefox and Chrome. Are you aware of this issue for Safari, and is there a work-around?


FYI, the contact me link on http://martinezdelizarrondo.com/imagemaps/#contact did not work for me hence my post here.

Alfonso said...

That's probably a problem with your cache because it works fine for me in Safari 4.0.4 with Snow Leopard.

Thanks for the note about that link, I'll change it.

J-G said...

How would I go about diagnosing my cache problem on Safari?

Alfonso said...

There's an entry in the Edit menu (or was in the App menu?) to clear the cache. I think it's Command+E

SouLFury said...

please integrate into CKEDITOR 3!

david said...

I wish to see it working in CKeditor as well.

until then - can u guide me - of what parts needed to change - in order to make it work there?

Alfonso said...

You should start by creating a simple plugin based on an iframe, that way you can inject there all the UI and the maps library without messing with the main page.

So: create a plugin that shows the imagemap button and it's active only when you select an image.

Then make it launch a dialog that shows an iframe.

After that, adjust all the code in the previous dialog to fit in the new iframe.

Shift said...

Hi, some news about integration with CKeditor?

Alfonso said...

I don't know if David ported the plugin, you can try to hire someone to do the work and then share it back with the community

Do you realize that none of the people that asked about ckeditor didn't even say thanks?
Why should I spend my time doing again this work?
Isn't it better for me to work on the things that pay the bills?

Charl Joseph Mert said...

Hi Alfonso, thanx for a really great image map tool for FCK.

I've added a small fix which I think would benefit your plugin. Basically the fix resizes the parent dialog after the image has loaded. This helps for when large images have to be edited. I couldn't get FCKDialogs to resize so ...

I sent you a separate email with the functions.js included. Please have a look when you have a chance.