GoogleMaps v2.1 finished (including user docs and bug fixes)

Finally I've updated the documentation for the end user regarding the new features available in the Google Maps plugin version 2.1, but I've fixed also some little details that did appear after the initial testing period.

All the current customers of the v2 will receive shortly a mail with the new zip.

Some clarifications regarding the plugin:

If you want to use the plugin for free, then you must use the v1 code. It's free to use wherever you want, you can test it in that page and then download it and install it in your server to use with FCKeditor.

If you appreciate the work involved to make that version work, or if you want to use all the new features and want to use the v2 plugin, then you must contact me (until I setup an automatic system), the license for a single site is 15€, if you are any kind of OEM or company that want to use it for several sites, you can get a general license for 50€.

Of course, you should really test the free version before trying to use the v2, as the requirements and setup procedure are just the same. If you have the v1 working, to upgrade to the v2 you just need to replace the plugin folder and that's all, no extra job. There's no online demo or download trial of the v2 plugin, this is all javascript, so it's not worth for me trying to implement any kind of security to avoid the people that want to get everything for free.

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