EasyUpload update and integration for Rails

You can find in the demo the download for the latest version of EasyUpload.

Meanwhile, Gastón Ramos has created a plugin for Ruby on Rails that integrates FCKeditor and the EasyUpload plugin (previous version)


James said...

Thanks for the update! It seems that the old version had more attributes on the image preview screen (align, border, hspace, etc). Is there any way I can get those back?


Alfonso said...

Those are presentational attributes. It's much more easy and powerful to use some classes and that way all the images will look exactly the same and you can fine-tune more details.
And when you change the style of your site you don't have to review every post.

James Marshall said...

For some reason, the classes menu or style dropdown does not work on my new version install. Do you have any advice on how to make this functional again?


Alfonso said...

You have to add the classes to your fckstyles file.

For example:

<Style name="Image on Left" element="img">
<Attribute name="class" value="ImageLeft" />