FckGoogleMaps is dead. Long live FCKMaps

It might take still a while to have everything finished, but I've started to code the changes necessary to be able to use not only the Google Maps, but also the MS Virtual Earth is starting to work at the moment, and probably I will add also support for Yahoo Maps.

I'm a little disappointed, specially the quality of Yahoo maps outside USA seems quite poor, Virtual Earth also lacks somehow in the quality of the images, although the Bird's eye view is very good.

Anyway, I'll keep on coding at least the MS version and then I'll see the outcome and if I'm still willing to continue with the Yahoo maps.


Liane said...

Looks promising.
Please consider that Yahoo maps have a major advantage over Google Maps: they don't require a damned API key that is locked to a domain name, such that your maps that work on mydomain.com won't anymore when the same site is accessed through mydomain.net.

Alfonso said...

In that aspect the winner is MS Live Earth, it doesn't require any signup at all.

You can use the code in any place without having to care at all about the domains or even having something so simple as a yahoo account.

But setting up the map is just one step, as I said I think that Yahoo might be almost worthless for me after checking the quality of the images in the demo maps.