Update of easyUpload for FCKeditor 2.6

A while back I was contacted by Graham Glass, as he needed some simplified versions of the link and image dialogs in order to use FCKeditor in his Edu2.0 project.

It was an interesting task, mainly because it made me realize about the need to be able to do custom changes to the dialogs without changing the core files. Having an event system that allows to change the interface just when it's being created seems like a good option, let's hope that something like that is available for V3.

But let's back to the topic. Due to some changes about how the links are created internally in the call to FCK.CreateLink, now the return object is an array instead of a link so the old code no longer worked and it gave errors.

So I've updated the plugin and created a demo page of easyUpload to check how it works.

The plugin does include three options:

Image upload.

Images are uploaded in just two steps. First select the image and press Continue

Then adjust its parameters, and press OK

File upload

Just select the file that you want to add and add a text that will be shown as a tooltip. When you press OK the file is uploaded and a link is created with the name of the file

Simplified link dialog

The only option is to write the URL that you want to link. It's almost impossible to do it wrong.



Dmitry said...

Thanks a lot for a plugin.

I want to ask you why I see on demo page in "image dialog" three options: upload to server, from library or from other site, but when I installed this plugin for my fckeditor I see only one option "upload to server"?

Did I do anything wrong?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english

Alfonso said...

Hi Dmitry

In the demo site it is running a new non-released version that does bring those options and also does simplify the adjustment of the images properties removing almost all attributes and working just with a combo to set the class (based on the settings of the Style system).

Now that FCKeditor 2.6.1 has been released I can pack it up and release it, I just need some time to check that everything is fine with the new version and write proper documentation.


Dmitry said...

Ok. Thanks a lot for the answer
I will wait for new release. I hope it will be soon

Dmitry said...

Hi. It is me again. I want to ask you about a new (2.6.1) version of easyupload plugin. When do you plan to release it?

thanks in advance

Alfonso said...

I have to work in order to pay the bills, so updating the published plugins it's just a matter of having free time, which currently I don't.
I think that in August I might update the files.

Dmitry said...

ok, cool. I will wait. Thanks for the answer

romi said...

hi alfonso,
i used your easyUpload plugin but then i dont think its compatible if your fck editor is embedded in a jsp page.Since i dont use a php connector.the image never gets uploaded on the server if i use your plugin

Alfonso said...

You need to read the documentation. There's no reference to "php" in the plugin.

zarnuk said...

Hi Alfonso

Me again. Still waiting for a new release with three upload options. Just wanted to remind you.


zarnuk said...

zarnuk it was me