Release of Image mapping plugin for FCKeditor

This is a new plugin for FCKeditor that provides the ability to easily define map areas (or so called interactive zones on any image.

The idea is quite simple and easy to use, you just select the image that you want and then press the edit areas, that will open a dialog where you can draw (using the Canvas element for Firefox, Opera and Safari, or the ExplorerCanvas for IE) the different areas that you want to link in that image. Screenshot of the editing dialog

The best part?
Thanks to the goodness of the canvas element the areas doesn't have to be only rectangular or circles, you can draw polylines, you have all the possibilities that you might need.

You can test it using the demo page for ImageMaps.

This version is based on the 2.0beta3 code released by Adam a few days ago.

PS: uploaded also to the FCKeditor plugins tracker.

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