FCKeditor is 2.5 out of the door!

The version 2.5 of FCKeditor has been released, go and get it!

This release brings the new Style system that allows to control exactly how the formatting should be applied to the content, making it possible to get rid of <font> tags if you can't stand them

There have been lots of fixes and improvements, another special thing about this milestone is that finally Opera and Safari are officially supported. There are still some caveats, but fortunately they will be fixed sooner than later.

In order to use Safari you must use the latest 3.x version (it's already included in 10.4.11 and Leopard), for Opera you need to use a 9.5 beta, but unfortunately the latest version available right now has a regression that doesn't allow any script to run inside an editable element, so you need to use a previous version (prior to 9656 IIRC) or wait a little until they release a new version without this bug.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, take your time, read the release notes, including all the 2.5beta changes, as noted in the Upgrade guide all the connectors have been changed they should be easier to use and with greater flexibility, but you must take the time to adjust them to your needs

We all the people that contribute to FCKeditor hope that you enjoy this version and remember that there are more goodies planned for the future

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